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   UV Curable Coating CC 8099 Ck  
   General Characteristics  
 This is a high gloss UV curable coating. It is formulated to provide a top coat application  over the waterborne acrylic primer with an acceptable cohesion over various substrates,  or can be applied in-line over UV inks with lithographic printing.

 Physical Properties :


%of non-volatile by weight : 99.9%
Appearance : Amber solution. pH : 8.6 ± 0.3
Viscosity : 125 ± 15 cps 35-40 sec B 4 cup @ 25 ° C

 Applications :


 Blanket, Tower or comparable coater, flexo, gravure and  roller coater, installed with UV curing Desired Wet-coating  approximately 3 to 5 g/m2

 Reduction :


  IPA only
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